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MAY, 2012

 Finished Western Tour

Back home after a great tour of Calgary, Vancouver area, Victoria and Penticton. Performed in 15 residences in less than three weeks. Met some really nice people and hope to be able to do this again!


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 Settled in Grimsby, Ontario!

Finally, we are reasonable settled in our new house in Grimsby. We drove across the great Canadian wilderness and it was a wonderful trip.

It's time to get back to entertaining!


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MARCH, 2011

 Wow - Long Time No Blog!

Being a web developer in my "day job" I preach blogging. And here I am, no blogging for almost a year. And it has been a busy year. I have added about a dozen new facilities I have performed at and keep going back to the "regular" ones. The magic I introduced last year is going over really well, and has been a nice surprise to many people. Bonnie Jean, a singer I work with sometimes has proven to be a real gem. She retired from Air Canada a little while ago and always aspired to be an entertainer. I am fortunate to have her as my sidekick. Although when she gets going, I am the sidekick which is just fine by me.

I struggle with my rates. I always wanted to provide great value for a reasonable price, but with the increased expenses, additional equipment and props I have had ...

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MAY, 2010

 Road Trip

Just came back from a combination visiting-friends and doing some gigs in Calgary and Kamloops. Goes to show that seniors all over are a fun-loving bunch of people!

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 Great start to 2010

We were invited back to the Courtyard Gardens in Richmond for their Happy Hour one rainy January evening. We have a new recruit - Bonnie - who had her debut that night without any rehersals whatsoever. Went great!


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