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MAY, 2012

 Finished Western Tour

Back home after a great tour of Calgary, Vancouver area, Victoria and Penticton. Performed in 15 residences in less than three weeks. Met some really nice people and hope to be able to do this again!


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 Road Trip

Just came back from a combination visiting-friends and doing some gigs in Calgary and Kamloops. Goes to show that seniors all over are a fun-loving bunch of people!

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 Busy Year so far...


It's been a busy year. We are very lucky to have such wonderful seniors to entertain. Every event has been a great experience.

I am constantly changing the performance to give seniors a blend of music and comedy.

My goal is to keep it light and unpredictable. So far so good I think.

There are some very exiting new "schticks" on the way!

I am volunteering for the Olympics so no booking at all in February, 2010.

Please contact me if you want to book a show.


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JUNE, 2009

 Did some e-mails

I am the new kid on the block so I thought I'd send out some emails to senior facilities. If no-one knows we exist - how can they book us? So I did, and got several bookings within a few days. Calendar is filling up in June and July. GREAT!

posted by INGVARG  June 12, 2009 23:44  Bookings 


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