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AUGUST, 2009

 So a road trip...

I have some dear friends in Kamloops I had scheduled to visit. So I e-mailed some senior facilities up there and got myself a mini-road show. A 'TOUR' so to speak. Very cool. Did ok too! Lots of fun. If you think Kamloopsians (?) are dull... think again.

I look forward to more road shows.


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JULY, 2009

 Life is good.

Sometimes we tend to forget to appreciate what we HAVE. We seem to often think about what we don't have. What we SHOULD have. "If only...". Faced with some challenges recently,  I took inventory. I found out that life is indeed good. I am doing work I really enjoy, I manage to make a few people happy in the process. So - think about what you have.


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 Weinberg Residence in Vancouver

For the first time in a while I went solo. My friends couldn't make it this sunny Sunday, so I went alone. I thought I pulled it off ok. With the help of the residents. They seemed to enjoy the show and out-singed me. Since it was a Jewish residence, I had rehearsed a few Jewish songs as well - that worked! I like to be as flexible as possible. And sometimes I goof up on purpose - (but you'd never know...!) Another fun show for me.

I am getting more and more inquiries, so I guess word is spreading. I am going to Kamloops in August to visit friends, on a whim I sent a few emails and got a couple of bookings. I guess I can say I am "on a tour!" Next? Big times - Hope, Spuzzum maybe....


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 Crofton Manor

Bill, David and I had a gig in Vancouver for a change. My truck liked it too... Crofton Manor is a great place, and we had a happening show. Bill brought along his two sisters visiting from England. They never thought Bill would be a performer!

It's good when we hear that people enjoy themselves. And we do too! I think that's what makes this so fun for everyone.


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JUNE, 2009

 Chelsea Point, Vancouver

Another fun afternoon. Small, but very energetic group! There was even some dancing going on during Polka time.

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