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JULY, 2009

 Weinberg Residence in Vancouver

For the first time in a while I went solo. My friends couldn't make it this sunny Sunday, so I went alone. I thought I pulled it off ok. With the help of the residents. They seemed to enjoy the show and out-singed me. Since it was a Jewish residence, I had rehearsed a few Jewish songs as well - that worked! I like to be as flexible as possible. And sometimes I goof up on purpose - (but you'd never know...!) Another fun show for me.

I am getting more and more inquiries, so I guess word is spreading. I am going to Kamloops in August to visit friends, on a whim I sent a few emails and got a couple of bookings. I guess I can say I am "on a tour!" Next? Big times - Hope, Spuzzum maybe....


posted by INGVARG  July 13, 2009 18:09  Recent Shows