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MARCH, 2011

 Wow - Long Time No Blog!

Being a web developer in my "day job" I preach blogging. And here I am, no blogging for almost a year. And it has been a busy year. I have added about a dozen new facilities I have performed at and keep going back to the "regular" ones. The magic I introduced last year is going over really well, and has been a nice surprise to many people. Bonnie Jean, a singer I work with sometimes has proven to be a real gem. She retired from Air Canada a little while ago and always aspired to be an entertainer. I am fortunate to have her as my sidekick. Although when she gets going, I am the sidekick which is just fine by me.

I struggle with my rates. I always wanted to provide great value for a reasonable price, but with the increased expenses, additional equipment and props I have had to raise my rates. Especially when Bonnie comes along. However, I still feel it is well within going rates and a good value.

This spring (2011) has been busy. Which is just great. I meet so many great people!


posted by INGVARG  March 21, 2011 14:20  Recent Shows