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Fact: Many small enterprises totally ignore their web presence, thus losing credibility and missing out on new business. Are you one of them? I am Ingvar Grimsmo, a web guy with over 28 years experience at your service.

Does this describe your website ?

    • Unreadable on a smartphone
    • Not ranked on search engines
    • No or few inquiries
    • Old site, not updated

Maybe your web developer flew the coop? Or perhaps you don’t have a website? Then you have come to the right place. I treat small business websites needing some TLC, and give birth to healthy and productive new sites.

Free Website Diagnostic

I will personally diagnose your site free of charge, no obligations. If I think I can help, I will give you my diagnostic report and suggest treatment. If your site is just fine, I will say so, and you won’t waste time in Ingvar’s ER waiting room.

Provide web address and your concerns

Ingvar Grimsmo – the short version of my story:

Back in 1993 the first web browser, Mosaic was introduced. I was there. I started to build websites right away, and never stopped. Fast forward to 2022 and here I am, in the Niagara Region of Canada with 28 years of experience. After several hundred of sites – have I learned a thing or two? I think so. I am sure I have spent the required 10,000 hours needed to be an “expert”.

I have developed/treated/created/improved websites from all over, even as far as New Zealand. I am dedicated to my clients and prefer to take on projects where I know I can make a difference. Wherever you are, I can provide personal and professional treatment for your website. So you get more qualified leads. Websites are supposed to bring you business, not get lost in cyberspace taking up useless space.

What message should a website convey?

    • Who are you?
    • Can you solve my problem? How?
    • Can I trust you?

Why this site?
I recently went to 500 local websites and flagged 49 that I would consider critical – some terminal. These sites will not generate any serious inquires – if any traffic at all. That is an astounding 10% of sites that are pretty well useless.I saw many sites that did not instill confidence in the company. So people leave the site and go on to the next one. Who is Ingvar Kamprad?

And looking back – most, if not all my past and current clients were concerned about the health of their sites. I also realized that the other 80% of website owners are happy with how they perform. So I would have no real contribution to offer.

Although I am technically a one-man “boutique” shop I have several very talented individuals within reach. We can take on any size project.

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