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Ingvar’s Website Traffic Booster Plan

Back in 1993 the first web browser, Mosaic was introduced. I was there. I started to build websites right away, and never stopped. Fast forward to 2022 and here I am, in the Niagara Region of Canada with 28 years of experience. Hundreds of sites developed later. Dozens of client and revenue generating sites driven by top search engines listings. (I sold most of them in 2018). I offer web/SEO services to selected clients.

Have I learned a thing or two? I think so. I am sure I have spent the 10,000 hours needed to be an “expert”, so I thought I might be of personal assistance to local businesses needing a website boost to get more visitors willing and able to buy. Most websites need a booster shot every so often to keep up with the changes in search engine algorithms.

Over the years a lot has changed. In the “old days” it was easy to get a site listed on the first page of search engines. Not so much any more. In fact, it is getting rather challenging. We need to use all the tools in our toolbox. And there are a few. On this site you will find many articles on how to drive more traffic to your website. Most take time and patience. Others are difficult to implement. That’s why I don’t do plumbing or any other house maintenance. I do website improvements. Have been for 28 years!

Site Ranking Measures – how do we know if a website is a candidate for top Google listing? There are several ranking systems out there.

Typical website ranking results. Any site with a DA of below 20 is not considered authoritative.

Site ranking 101:

  • Backlinks are the absolute best way to get Google’s attention. Backlinks are links from other sites that link to your site. Ideally these sites should be related to your industry and ranked well (DA over 25). I have found that backlinks have a huge impact of search engine results. These links are difficult to get. There are many sites out there selling backlinks, and I have tried many of them and found very poor site rankings. I have partnered with some of the top backlink brokers out there and can provide high DA quality, content rich back links to your site.
  • Content. Fresh content is also key. Having a blog that is updated with related and informative articles will go a long way.
  • Keyword relevance. This is rather difficult to get a good handle on. I spend a lot of time researching keywords, and have several analysis tools I use. Trick is to find keywords that lots of people search on, but is not often used.
  • Other factors include website design, credibility, reviews and many others minor, but helpful improvements one can do.

Website Traffic Booster Plan

I will personally review your site free of charge, no obligations. If I think I can help, I will provide a strategy report with cost estimated. If your site is just fine, I will say so.