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Client List

These are a few current clients:

Local – Niagara Region

Just launched:

Triple R Inc.
The most Trusted and Respected Contractor in the Business…Bob Assadourian of Triple R Inc. and Just Ask Bob.

Abingdon Landscaping
A Search Engine Optimized site to generate fresh leads. Just launched in beta mode.

Windmill Appliance Services
A Grimsby based service business without a website. Sometimes a one-page site works. One feature here is a Google Reviews feed displaying past and current Google reviews.

Canadian Pro Drivers
A well established driving instructor school and professional driver consulting.

Bennett Signs
A re-make of a very outdated site.

Real Estate Photographer
A popular local photographer with a fresh, minimalist website.

A Hamilton based general contractor. We did a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) scan of the existing site and updated the site to be better ranked on search engines.

Old School Cabinetry – Grimsby, Ontario
An old and outdated website we gave new life to.

Investing for Retirement
A Canadian source for investing tips and tools. This site was created and being operated by myself. Being my own client is an interesting endeavour!



Whitaker Kent – Seattle Attorneys at Law
A dozen years ago (or more) there was only one lawyer in this firm. As they grew the site needed updating and we are still updating the site from time to time when things change.

STBI Law Firm
A Seattle, WA group of lawyers I have worked with since 2005. The firm has grown over the years as new attorneys were added. The site is SEO monitored and sees constant growth in traffic and generates quality client leads.

Hanlon Niemann – New Jersey Lawyers
Also a client since the early 2000s. There has been numerous updated to the site, with a major update a few years ago. This site impresses even me with the amount of traffic and client leads he gets from the site.

Speidel Bentsen Law Firm – Wenatchee, WA
A thriving lawfirm that we developed a site for years ago and updated the site last year. Traffic increased straight away – probably due to the readability on mobile devices.


Other industries

Langley Bobcat Services
A family owned business in Fraser Valley, BC that has experienced exceptional growth over the past 10 years. The site started small and grew proportionally with the business growth. I also manage their Google advertising campaign which makes the phone ring every day.

Bode’s Precast Concrete
Another long-term client. This site was a bit of a challenge due to the amount of products to be presented in a useful way. We updated the site a few years back, and now ranks very well on search engines and produces good customer leads. The site is also a source for existing customers to get information on products.

Fencecrafters New Jersey
A good example of a “smaller” site. Sometimes clients do not need big sites.

Downey Grinding – California
This is a website I created in 2004. We used existing content (client updated) and created a new site.

Sunsational Vacations – NJ
A boutique and popular travel agency specializing in vacations.

Justice Kennels, Alberta, Canada
A local dog training and kennel company. We started with a first site 15 years ago and have updated the site. It generates a nice flow of inquiries.

Langley Snow Removal – Langley, BC Canada
Another family business getting potential client referrals from the website. They are fully booked every winter. An example of a two-page site that works.

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