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Check your site on your smartphone.
You might be missing inquiries!

63% of all searches comes from mobile devices. Is your current website mobile friendly? Google now penalizes sites for being non-responsive. If your site looks like the one on the right you might be losing over 50% of all inquiries. We have converted dozens of “older” sites into mobile-friendly sites. Contact me and I’ll take a look.

Location-based searches (i.e., “near me”) are almost exclusively carried out on mobile.

According to the research, mobile device searches tend to serve a more significant role in answering consumers’ questions earlier on the purchase journey.

Industry Share of Mobile Searches
Food and Beverage 72 percent
Health 68 percent
Sports 68 percent
News and Media 64 percent
Lifestyle 62 percent
Automotive 62 percent
Retail 56 percent
Travel (non-maps) 52 percent
Real estate / Property 48 percent
Entertainment 42 percent
Banking 39 percent