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No Website Special

Are you a small business with less that 3 employees? And you do NOT have a website?
Then I have a deal for you!

Creating a custom website can be expensive. Easily in the thousands of dollars. Sure, you can go to VIX or other template services, but I have found that most users don’t take the time (or lack knowledge) to set it up correctly. And Google doesn’t like shared host/template site much. Besides, as a small business person myself I find that I want to do what I do best, and if technical web design/hosting/SEO is not what you do – don’t. That is what I know, and like to do. Sure, I have clients that have large sites, but also clients like you, and a much smaller site will do just fine.

So to help out I have this special plan:

You tell us about yourself. Maybe a picture or two and we take it from there.
We will create a 5-6 page custom, mobile friendly, search engine optimized site and host it on our super fast server for a MONTHLY fee of $85. Minimum 3 months so we have time to set it up and get it indexed by Google. I will personally connect with you to get this set up. I reserve the right to withdraw this offer if I think a website won’t make a difference in your business.

Yes, I know what you are saying. More money than vix. But hey – we know what we are doing and you can go an do what you are doing. If, after a while you’d like to set up a more sophisticated site, you can either check with me and we can propose something – or you can cancel and go somewhere else.

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What you get with this plan:

    • Professional, mobile-friendly website design
      We design with high conversion in mind including call-to-action buttons.
    • Optimized text for your website pages
      We will study your existing business content and customize for effective search engine rankings.
    • On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      We will research your business’ keywords and every page will be customized for your offerings.
    • Turbo fast VPS web hosting
      We lease a Virtual Personal Server with a major provider meaning our sites are the only ones on the server.
    • My personal attention
      I will personally manage the site.
    • SSL certificates to secure your site
      This is very important since Google penalize non-SSL sites.
    • Monthly website maintenance and updates
      Aside from keeping the server up-to-date we will update WordPress and plugins monthly.
    • Monthly review of site performance
      We use the latest in site management and analysis tools on the market.


Why is this a good deal if you don’t have a website?

After over 30 years of website work I know the cost of a custom website can reach $4,000 and over. Which is fine for larger companies with a bigger budget. But for a small, 1-3 person entrepreneurial operation this is not feasible. A properly designed site, even a 3-5 page one done properly is pretty well guaranteed to bring in some business. If you want to calculate your ROI (Return on investment) think about this:

The net value of one client.
If it is over $85 – then one more client per month will pay for the website. And the best part is: you don’t have to do anything.

The on-going cost to keep a custom website current.
The bare bones cost is the hosting, which can be as low as $12/month on a shared platform.Note that on a low end host you are sharing with hundreds, if not thousands of other sites that can slow your site down. Many charge extra for things like SSL certificates and other options. For a custom site it is recommended to have a VPS which can cost anywhere from $30 and up a month. And they do need some TLC with updates and so forth.