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Here are a few additional strategies that might help or hurt your site when planning out your back linking strategy and the reasons why:

• Do Scope your own and competition’s backlinks
For this you will simply log into one of the main search engines and type in special search terms to pull up information on your own or your competitor’s backlinks. It’s like online business spying.

• Do Offer RSS feeds
If you offer people looking for content, an RSS feed to content on your site, they will automatically backlink to you.

• Do Press releases
If you have noteworthy news, you can write up a press release and send it out to sites that publish new announcements.

• Don’t Do Backlink bombing
If you own more than one site (and start to put in reciprocal interrelated links for all your sites in a massive bombing), Google will penalize you.

• Do Lateral linking
Add content to popular social networking sites like YouTube or Facebook with a backlink to your site. If your content goes viral, you can end up with many quality links going back to your website.

• More, more, more
The more back links you get the better so continue to keep working on your back linking strategy on ongoing basis forever, not just when you launch your new website. One of the quickest ways the search engines are going to realize that your back links are real is if you have a huge surge of back link building activity right when your site launches and then it stops immediately in the near future.

In order to show natural growth and look like a truly important site in your niche you’re going to need to continue to build your back links on an ongoing basis for the life of your website. This is not a part-time job unless you want to make part-time money, to put in the time to continually build your back links your website will rise in the search engines faster than you can imagine.