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Do you have a way with words? If so, you can take advantage of your skills to promote your website through article directories that have a large following. The audience is already created; you just add your backlink from your own articles submitted to these directories for free.

These actually count to your search engine ranking and also are a great way to capture more readers and steer them to your site with a nicely placed backlink. Even if you don’t fancy yourself a writer, you can always pay a freelancer to ghost write articles for you and then submit them to these directories.

As with any strategy to get backlinks, there are certain caveats. Some search engines might be weighting some article directories a bit less. This can happen when a particular website or strategy gets abused by online spammers, making it less attractive for search engine ranking. Or, like in the case of paid article submission sites, like, you may get great exposure, but no backlink! They are not a dofollow site.

Another way to get a ton of articles written for you without having to do much writing yourself would be to outsource that work on sites like Vworker or Elance. You can find the time writers that are happy to create as much cheap content that you can handle for less than the cost of a happy meal for each article.

There are also people on these outsourcing websites that will then go out and post these articles for you all over the net creating your back links for you. There’s almost no aspect of this type of back links strategy that can’t be outsourced.

Now you have no excuses to get started in your back linking campaign today.