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So you need to generate some quick back links to your new website, because you know the more back links that you have pointing to your site the higher your going to rank in the search engine.

Here are just a few ideas to how you can generate some fastback links with very little work, time, and cost investment.


The Chamber of Commerce isn’t just a great resource for brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs. You can also get involved and see if you can get a link on their site back to your business website. At the very least, the Chamber of Commerce does do business listings that sometimes show up online.


This is a great way to get a good backlink from a PR7 site. Of course, this is not the type of thing you want to do if you are scammer who ends up with a really bad reputation on the website. You want to cultivate a good relationship with your customers and be attentive to feedback from the Better Business Bureau. You may have joined for the backlink, but this one does come with some responsibility based on the partnership.


Most webmasters are well aware that people love spamming their guestbooks for a backlink. However, you can still find some older, good PageRank sites that have open guestbooks. All you’ve got to do is sign them and add your backlink to get a one-way backlink.


It may seem very odd to get a link to your local library’s website, but if you think about they offer many community services. Are you giving a small presentation in the library? Are you hosting a reading group? Find some way to get a backlink by helping your library to provide services to the community.


Trying to figure out where to put your donation dollars this year? How about a non-profit that gives your business a backlink for your donation? There are non-profits that will thank their sponsors on their website when the level of giving is significant. Of course, we’re not talking $10 or $20, but if the PageRank is high, it will be worth it. On top of that, you should also be able to deduct it on your taxes.


If you haven’t figure out how to get attention, choose a controversial topic! This can have drawbacks to it if people take offense and begin to stuff your email box with hate mail. However, if you get a good controversy going, people will line up to link to that content and discuss it all over the web.