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A second way of buying links that might be allowed by search engines but aren’t done only through link companies are to buy directory listings. There are free directories that anyone can get listed in, but there are also paid directories that you must purchase to be included. These are sort of like paying to advertise in the WWW phonebook, since directories can be highly ranked and valuable places to put your link.

To be sure, some of the link companies will also include some paid directories in their offerings to you. But, if you want to be sure that they show up with your backlink and not the text ad link companies potentially Google triggering copy, you can buy them yourself. You also get the option of paying to be featured in the directory, which might land you in a higher PR page and give you even more exposure. It will also cost you more, however.

Here are some of the directories that you can purchase a link in:

This directory claims that over 6 million people view the directory monthly. Since it is a business directory, you can expect to get quality visitors to your site – not just the average web surfer. Cost: $199 per year.

The fee includes the service to review your site, even if it doesn’t guarantee inclusion. Some sites being rejected currently are blogs, pornography, and sites with little original content. It is located here: . Cost: $99 per year.

• Best of the Web
If you have multiple sites, you can get a bulk discount with this directory listing. It claims to be the oldest paid directory listing site. It caters to webmaster, site owners, and marketing professionals. It is located here: .You get a review of the site submitted, which costs $239.95 for a one-time review. Or, if you are not sure of the benefits, you can opt to pay a recurring yearly charge of $79.95.

This is the least expensive site directory, but appears to try a generic mass appeal. If you are marketing to a specific clientele, like businesses, it might be better to target more niche directories. It does include blogs. Cost: $39 per year.

• Aviva
This directory has a featured listing which allows you to change the anchor text and a regular listing, which limits your link to the official website name. The featured listing is also put at the top of the page. Their only restriction for review is that the site is composed of original content and if the site isn’t accepted, you get your fee back. It is located here: Cost: $50 per year or a one-time $75 fee.

This directory used to be totally free but now charges $40 per year or $80 per year for a featured listing. They still list themselves as a free directory, but if you have to pay money, it’s not free. They claim the money is only to review the site and not to list it, which is why they can call it a free listing site. You make up your own mind. They have over 2000 unique visitors a day.

Keep in mind that the costs can change without a moment’s notice and the fees listed here may be subject to change. Also, some directories might be given backlink credit by some search engines and not by others and these rules is also subject to change.