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One great way to get tons of back links or by writing product reviews on other people’s products. These product reviews work two ways. You can set up a site with reviews and get paid to write them, offering backlinks to the sites and products you review. They will most likely link back to you, if the review is favorable – although that’s not guaranteed. In either case, other sites might link back to you, if the review is negative but accurate and they agree. In addition, the best way to get a one-way, quality, link is to buy the review on another popular site or blog. You will not only get a backlink, but also traffic from a popular site to your own less popular one.

A great way to get tons of ideas for writing product reviews are accurate even if you’ve never seen or owned the product you are reviewing before is to go check out and see what other people are saying about the products in question.

Now I’m not saying that you want to go copy or steal than anybody else’s reviews from Amazon, what I’m saying is that you should go to Amazon and check out the reviews just to get an idea of what people think of the products and to get a little bit more detail on how the products work, or the quality of those products and then write your own reviews based on the information you obtain.

There is a ton of stuff you can learn by reading what other people have the say about products they buy on a daily basis.

There are also loads of reviews the people placed upon you to about products as videos. Go watch three or four reviews on YouTube’s video site about the latest and greatest version of a new TiVo box and you could easily write three or four reviews with the content that you learn from those videos.

Again your goal here is not the copy word for word what those videos talked about but just to use the videos as a guide to learn about the product that you were reviewing that may be similar to your site or product that you sell seat gain insight about what types of articles to write to use for the back links and any niche you may choose to market them.