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If you really are dying to give your content away and don’t mind working hard for the backlink, you can offer to be a guest blogger. The key is to target blogs with high PageRank and avoid making the offer of writing free content on blogs that aren’t worth it.

Some people don’t like the idea of guest blogging because content is something that is valuable in both time and cash to create. If people like it, they will link back to it. If it happens to be hosted on someone else’s site, they get the multiple reader backlinks and all you get is one backlink out of it. It all depends on if that one backlink is worth it to you to give away your content.

When you start blogging on other people’s websites as a guest blogger you’re going away use fresh one time use content not content that you already have posted all over the Internet.

No decent page rank blogs are going to be interested in posting content that you created that you already have in duplicate places on the Internet.

Blogs with decent page rank are only going to want fresh new content that is current, relevant, and well-written in any given niche they might happen the blogging.

Creating this type of content for other people’s blogs is a great way to get tons of back links and to become a notable expert in your given niche.

If you’re a good writer, have the time, or have the content already created by an employee or staff member and guest blogging is a great way to get tons of black links and traffic your website.